mind mapping

Mind mapping and magic

One of the creative techniques I've appropriated for magical work is mind mapping. If you're not familiar with mind mapping, it involves creating a central idea and then drawing lines to related bubbles with information. It's a useful technique for organizing information and also helping you see where the information fits into your process. One of the resources I've drawn on for mind-mapping is Unstuck Focused and Organized with Mind Mapping (Affiliate link), which is a book that shows you how to keep mind mapping uncomplicated, while also helping you organize it. There also some audio files included where the author interviews successful business people who've used it for their businesses. While mindmapping can be used for business, it can also be used for magical purposes. For example, if you're putting together a ritual, you can use mind mapping to outline the elements of the ritual, assign roles, and organize the process of the ritual. Likewise if you're developing a magical process or technique mind-mapping can be used to discover weak areas in the process you're developing, or it can be used to discover further areas for experimentation.

My spider web sigil technique is partially based off of mind mapping, and I've found it useful for mapping out my life and the people, places, etc., of influence that effect what I'm doing. Mind-mapping in general is just a useful technique for looking at the world, your profession, life, spirituality, etc., in a different way.