The Creative Genius as a Spirit

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

One of the books I'm currently reading, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear offers an intriguing idea about the nature of creative genius. The author shares that the ideas a person gets and acts on are the result of the genius, but the genius is a spirit working through you.

Kind of like A Genius Locii (a spirit of place), but instead its a spirit of creativity.

I think its an intriguing way to look at one's own sense of genius, because instead of claiming something as you're own, you acknowledge its a gift that's been given to you, an offering that you've been allowed to express (should you take it up). It's an opportunity to be humble and recognize how your creativity is inspired.

I'll admit I haven't always looked at my creative expressions in this way. When you write books you feel some ownership of the work (and why shouldn't you if you've done the work?). But what this ideas get me to consider is how I can get out of my own way when it comes to my creative process.

Because one of the flaws I have is a need for recognition for the work I've done. And I see that need as a flaw because when the recognition becomes more important than the work it takes over and gets in the way of the work. I've had that happen a couple of times in my life, and each time its had an impact on my creativity. The genius has gone away.

When I read about the creative genius as a spirit in its own right, I sat with what I read and thought about it. Then I decided to do a ritual of thanks and apology to the spirit of my creative genius, acknowledging how it has moved me and worked through me, and in the process I also called myself to the awareness that seeking recognition for the sake of recognition actually pushes away the creative enjoyment in the work.

Its incredibly humbling to open yourself to your creative genius and accept its divine inspiration. 

I'm in this place where I'm rediscovering the work, rediscovering my relationship with writing, painting, magic, and other pursuits.

It's a different relationship...not one that's based on being a label or being defined by the manifested expression of the work or having people know your name. It's a divine communion with the creative work and expression that comes from it, and an agreement that you'll do the work because you've been called to it. I've always felt that calling, but I haven't always appreciated it or put it into the proper perspective.

I'm treating my creativity as genius spirit in its own right and I think taking such an approach has helped with the writing and magical work I'm currently doing. By recognizing how I've gotten in my own way and choosing to take a different approach with my creativity, I'm also choosing to take a chance on simply trusting the creative genius and letting what it inspires me with move the work I do.

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