The Process of Magic Class Round Ten starts in one week!


Round Ten of the Process of Magic Class starts on August 6th.

Magic is a process that changes you and your relationship with the world, if you understand how the process works.

In this 24 lesson class, we will explore what the process of magic is and how it applies to you and your magical work. If you’re looking for a different perspective on magic that explores the underlying principles of how magic works, instead of focusing on the tools, ceremonies, and other optional features, this class is for you.Below is the syllabi for this course:


Lesson 1: An overview of the process of magic


Lesson 2: You and Definitions of Magic


Lesson 3: Results, Change, and their respective roles in magic


Lesson 4: The anatomy of the process of magic


Lesson 5: Culture, Ethics and Ideology


Lesson 6: What isn't essential to the process of magic


Lesson 7: Connection and its role in the magical process


Lesson 8: Intention, Attention, and Magic


Lesson 9: Inhibitory Actions and Magic


Lesson 10: Excitatory Actions and Magic


Lesson 11: Internal Work


Lesson 12: Spiritual allies and the magical process


Lesson 13: Invocation 1


Lesson 14: Invocation 2


Lesson 15: Evocation 1


Lesson 16: Evocation 2


Lesson 17: Divination


Lesson 18: Enchantment


Lesson 19: Astral Projection


Lesson 20: Banishing


Lesson 21: Attunement with the land


Lesson 22: The Role of Limitation in the Process of Magic


Lesson 23: The role of Transformation in the Process of Magic


Lesson 24: The role of Mundane actions in the Process of Magic

Plus Two Bonus Lessons!

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