The Process of Magic is now Available

My newest book, The Process of Magic: A Guide to How Magic Works is now available.

The Process of Magic was originally a class I taught I took the 26 lessons, plus some bonus material and converted it into a book.

In The Process of Magic, we explore how magic works and what you can do to improve your magical workings as a result. I also show you how to troubleshoot existing magical workings. The goal of the book is to help you create a stable foundation for your magical practice.

There are lots of books about magic, but how many of them actually explain how magic works or more importantly how to get a consistent result that meaningfully changes your life? The Process of Magic strips away the glamour and image of magic to focus on the reality of how magic works and what you can do to customize your magical workings.

Instead of relying on prescriptive spells and rituals, why not learn the fundamental mechanics of magic and design your own workings? With the Process of Magic you’ll learn exactly that and much more:

·         What the 11 principles of magic are and how they create your magical workings.

·         What the 8 types of magic workings are and how to customize them.

·         How to methodically approach magic as a process that produces results.

·         How to troubleshoot and fix your magical workings.

·         How to get results that last.

If you’ve ever gotten results that don’t stick, or tried to do a working and come away feeling like nothing worked, then The Process of Magic will help you demystify magic and make it into a spiritual practice you can use to improve and enhance your life.

The Process of Magic is Available in print through Amazon

The Process of Magic is available as an E-book through the e-vendor of your choice.