The Realization of Internal Work

Tension In my recent post I talked about how to do internal work without blowing up. Appropriately enough I had an experience earlier this week, which I think demonstrates the point of that post as well as this one. I've been working with the element of Stillness for the last 11 months and I was considering that I should switch to the element of Balance, and then via meditation and what I was reading in Awakening the Luminous Mind, it became clear to me that I really needed to stick with stillness for another year. My inner contacts, who'd previously suggested I move on to balance, also agreed, feeling that the realization I had experienced indicated I was ready to move into deeper work with stillness.

Internal work isn't something you force. Well you can force it, but as I wrote in the previous post its not a good idea. Internal work happens to you and it unfolds and as it unfolds and reveals itself, it takes you to the level you can handle. And make no mistake it can be quite uncomfortable, but you can handle it if you are willing to do the work. The realization I had with stillness was just such an experience. I was ready for it and it was uncomfortable, but it made me want to continue doing the work and I recognized that I needed to stick with this element longer to really do that work.

The thing about internal work that many people don't get is that internal work is rarely dramatic in how it unfolds. There is no Hollywood moment when the person sits up and everything comes together. Internal work is realized through consistent work and gradual realizations. You may have the occasional moment where you put some of it together, but more often than not you'll do the work for a while and not noticeably have an experience...but it will be happening in a very subtle way and as you open yourself to it, it will come to you and you'll know it...quietly and yet thoroughly you'll know it. You just have to do the work and let the results happen to you without trying to force it.

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Book Review: Scarcity by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir

Scarcity is a must read book for anyone, in order to understand how scarcity shows up in your life, as well as why it is an inherent part of society. The authors explore the myths and realities of scarcity in depth and show that there are no easy solutions, but rather that we must come to understand scarcity in our lives in order to even begin to appreciate in others. Reading this book has helped me to recognize my own scarcity as well be more present with the scarcity of others. It's given me direction on what I can do to deal with scarcity, but also taught me that scarcity is not something we can easily solve. It is a part of our lives and learning to be with it can teach us a lot about how to make better changes occur that are realistic and actually help people instead of keep them in a place of scarcity. Read this book and let it change your life.