Would you like to be my patron?

Taylor Ellwood Would you like to become my patron?

I've set up an account on Patreon, a website that has revived the model of the artistic patron. The artistic patron is someone who supports the creative efforts of artists, writers, and other creatives, and fortunately you don't need to be rich to support your favorite author or artist. You can donate a dollar a month or more to the artists and authors you want to support.

My patreon account enables you to send me a fixed amount of money each month, to support my writing, art, and magical experimentation. Best of you get something in return, beyond the satisfaction of supporting my efforts to continue being creative. Here's what you get:

  • A weekly update on my progress on different projects, as well as sneak peeks at blog posts, and excerpts of my future books.
  • An opportunity to get a painting from yours truly. I've rarely painted for other people, but I'm starting to do more paintings and would love to share them with you.
  • Advanced access to longer essays.
  • Advanced access to fiction that I've started writing.
  • Special thank you for when monthly goals are reached.

All of this is only available to my patrons.

Through your patronage, I am better able to pay my monthly bills as well as put funds aside for research , experimentation, and travel to conferences so that I can present. You also help me put more time aside to write my books. It's another way you can show your support for my creative work.

Want to be my patron? Click on the link to get started.