Why the body is a pathway to the divine

I came across this article where a Baptist preacher has argued that doing Yoga goes against the Christian faith because it teaches that a person can experience the divine through the body. This isn't surprising because so much of Christianity is about damning the body as a portal to sin instead of celebrating it as a gift of manifestation. My own philosophy and spiritual beliefs about the body run counter to the Baptist preacher's perspective. To me the body is a gateway to the mysteries of the universe, and a way of accessing the divine. Yoga and other physical exercises are part of the key to accessing the spiritual realities the body can reveal to us, though they are not the only part of the key. Learning to commune with the body and the different levels of consciousness it provides us access to can also reveal a lot about not just the body, but our connection to the world and universe.

When we deny one level of existence or favor one over the other we create imbalance. The body is not something that should be denied, but rather is a part of us we need to embrace as part of our given approach to spiritual living. By making peace with the body we also make peace with our desires and pains, and from that begin to experience the divine within ourselves.