Call For Papers: Oops, Wrong Chat: A Survival Guide to World of Warcraft

Taylor's Note: I posted this because of my own interest in Pop culture and also to support my publisher. Most of the books you’ll find written about WoW attempt to come at the game from an academic viewpoint, thereby to give it some credibility and respectability among the uninitiated who look at it with a dubious eye. We already know that non-gamers regard us MMO fans as geeks and freaks, somehow sucked into this nerdiverse that is anathema to real life.

Well, we think it’s about time the balance was redressed. We don’t need to apologise for our passion to those who just don’t ‘get’ it because they simply haven’t tried it. Neither do we need to dress it up as academic study. ‘Oops, Wrong Chat’ will be an affectionate yet honest look at the world of Azeroth, informing those who are not informed and entertaining those who are already fellow travellers in that world.

We are looking for well-written witty and/or insightful articles that talk about the gamer’s experiences in World of Warcraft that will be helpful for new players but also of interest to veterans. Articles will typically be named after Achievements or Quests in the game, and any potential contributor should inform us what topic they wish to explore and what title they’d like to use, in order to prevent duplication of submissions.

Articles can be anecdotal, involving the writer’s experiences in WoW, or else can be informational, focusing upon particular aspects of the game, but with a light touch, accessible to non-aficionados. Or they can be more like social commentary, talking about the community within WoW itself.

Raiding, questing, role-playing, PvP, the lore of WoW, working on professions and achievements, being a pro trader in the Auction House, collecting pets and mounts, exploring the least trodden and secret corners of Azeroth, WoW as a sedentary sport – all these are potential topics. Or perhaps your idea is different. We are open to all submissions that are written well and entertain. Submissions can be between 3000-10000 words, and the deadline is 1st March 2011. All articles should be submitted in Word or RTF to