How I became a Practical Magic Minimalist...

Picture copyright Taylor Ellwood 2017

Picture copyright Taylor Ellwood 2017

At one time, whenever I would do a practical magic working, I had to break out the bling...

You know the fancy tools, the smelly incense and candles, and all the other stuff we're told we need to have in order to do practical magic (and other types of magic for that matter). 

And don't get me wrong, those fancy tools, incenses, and candles could be a lot of fun to use. They can really set the tone of a ritual, create an atmosphere and experience that whisks you from mundane reality and opens you to the sacred mysteries of the universe.

But as I continued doing practical magic, I began to wonder if there was an easier, better way of doing practical magic, without all the bling and other stuff.

And as it turned out, there was.


What is Practical Magic Minimalism?

In the video below I share my definition of what practical magic minimalism is.

Why should I become a Practical Magical Minimalist? 

I get why people like the bling and tools with their magical work and to be honest, I still use some tools for certain types of practical magic workings, usually the complicated kinds, but the value of becoming a practical magic minimalist is that teaches you how to adapt your magic to circumstances where you may not have those tools on hand.

Sigils are just one technique for doing that, but what they embody is the compression of a desired result into a symbol. You use that symbol and your consciousness awareness to imprint that symbol on your subconscious and on the superconsciousness of the universe.

Simple, focused, and easy to use.

And they are a good introduction to practical magic minimalism, because all you need is piece of paper, a pen, and a lighter. Everything else you can supply yourself.

Now I wouldn't stop at sigils if you want to become a practical magic minimalist and in future articles I'll be sharing some other practical magic minimalist practices I use. 

When I became a practical magic minimalist, it changed how I practiced magic. The bling went away, the various tools disappeared, and I started looked at every magical working and asking myself what was absolutely essential and what was optional.

And a lot of times I discovered that the only thing that was absolutely essential was me. Because if you think about it, you already have a couple magical tools available to you by simply having a body. 

What do I already have available to me?

Great question. Let's break it down.

You have your body, in and of itself. A pointed finger can be a powerful tool (which is probably why we're told not to point). Jokes aside, you can do a lot with your body. Purposeful movements or stillness can be used to connect and express magic.

Your voice is the key to connection. Whether you're invoking or evoking a spirit, or doing chants for part of a meditation, your voice allows you to do a lot and can be an excellent tool.

The Five (or six) senses. We get exposed to a lot of sensory stimuli everyday but we can play with that with our senses and uses those senses as part of our magical workings. We just need to be open to making them an active part of our magical work.

Your body fluids, hair, nails, etc. You know all the stuff that can come out of can also be used in your magical workings if you want to. In fact, one of the ways sigils can be charged and fired involves using body fluids. 

The fact is that its really not that hard to become a practical magic minimalist. And when you do become one, you may just never go back.