How is Magic Different from the Law of Attraction?

The other day, a student of mine asked me, "Taylor, what's the difference was between magic and the law of attraction? Why should I practice magic if I can just use the law of attraction in my life?"

It was a good and fair question to ask. Why should someone practice magic, which seems like a lot of work, when they can just adhere to the law of attraction and use that for their life.

In the video below I share 2 key differences between the law of attraction and magic, but another one occurred to me as well and its this:

The law of attraction happens to someone...but with magic, you make the possibility you want to achieve happen.

And personally I prefer to make something happen instead of just waiting for something to come to me. So that's a third difference between the law of attraction and magic. You can see the other two in the video below.

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