How to create magical space in your workplace

Image copyright Taylor Ellwood 2019

Image copyright Taylor Ellwood 2019

If you work at a job and have to commute to a dedicated workspace, you know that you end up spending a fair amount of time there. In my own situation, I’ve always been of the mind that a person should create their own magical space in their workplace, for several different reasons.

The first reason is that a workplace is a place where you live, so why not make that a bit more comfortable and fitting with your personality? What you see day in and day out may as well at least fit who you are and what is important to you. I do recommend not being too blatant about what you’re doing, but the little shrine here and there and the aesthetic setup can bring your magic into workplace.

The second reason is the practical aspect of creating a magical space, namely that you’re connecting with the spirit of the company and drawing on it to help you do well at your job. If you’re working on a specific project you can do the same thing with the project itself. When I worked at Boeing many moons ago and was new to technical writing, I ended up creating a connection between myself and the spirit of the company and the project. These spirits helped me improve my tech writing skills fast and made my time at the job site rather enjoyable. Even now at my current employment I’ve worked with the spirit of the company to help me improve my work skills. That spirit is embodied in the form of a ninja figurine who helps balance and focus my workflow.

I also focus my workplace magic around the actual work. In my particular case this involves creating the right atmosphere for the work, both for myself and the people I interact with. Creating a relaxed environment has helped, but so has working with Ganesha, who is uniquely suited for the problem-solving I currently do, because he’s the god of obstacles and the removal of them. I’ve additionally drawn on a couple of other spirits, one for helping me get additional aid and resources and another for bringing matters of work to an overall smooth transition and close.

A lot of what creating a magical workspace is about for me, is ultimately designing a workflow process where everything comes together seamlessly and the work gets done, while the time at work is relaxed and enjoyable. Why make work harder than it has to be? The spirits that operate in my workspace help to make the work flow go smooth, and create a sacred space for the work to happen in.

Take a look at your own workspace. What can you do to make that space a sacred environment? How you can you create a relationship with spirits that can help you in your workspace?