Magical Experiments classes coming up

Since I've started teaching the year long magical experiments class, I've really enjoyed the process of learning and teaching that has unfolded for all of us. At the same time I've realized that I want to teach shorter classes that are focused on specific subjects. Below is a list of classes I will be offering on different specific subjects. I'm also open to suggestions about classes people would like me to teach. A full list of classes can be found here. Below is information about two upcoming classes, one starting in March, and one starting in April. Creating Magical Entities Class

Starting Monday March 28th through Monday April 18th from 6 to 7pm (PST)

Sometimes you need a magical entity to do the job for you, especially if you’re too close to a situation. In this class I’ll teach you how to create a magical entity as well as help you determine why you should create one. You’ll also learn how magical entities can be programmed to perform specific tasks that allow you to free up your time and focus for other purposes.

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Pop Culture Magic Class

Magic is all around you in pop culture, if you just know where to look. In this class, I’ll show you how you can turn pop culture and modern technology into a magical toolset that you can use just as effectively as you would use any other magical practice. Pop culture magic is based off foundational principles that can be found in traditional practices of magic, with a focus on applying modern culture to your spiritual practices.

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I'll post an update once or twice a month on upcoming classes, and if there are ones you want, please contact me.

I'm really excited to be teaching classes again and I look forward to working with all of you.