Creating Magical Entities

Conceptualization and Entities

Recently I got involved in a conversation where I was asked if I'd ever encountered a spirit that hadn't been written about or encountered in mythology. It was an interesting question to ask, and I responded that I hadn't encountered such an entity and I didn't think it possible, without having some humancentric frame of reference to use in context to the entity. In the subsequent conversation I discussed the conceptualization of entities (which I'll explain in more detail below) and the person I was having the conversation with also shared a story of an entity he encountered that ended up using humancentric frames of reference to connect with the person.

When I talk about conceptualization of an entity I'm referring to the mediation of the entity into a context that is understandable by your average person. If there is no frame of reference it would be very hard to connect with a given entity. In the case of the conversation above, the person was given a name by the entity and ended up researching that name and finding it attributed to a company called Accubar. Whether the entity is the corporate presence of that company, or simply used that name to describe itself is debatable, but it could not engage the person without providing some frame of reference, some concept to help that person understand it.

A concept is a frame of reference used to define an idea, entity, etc,. so that it can be understood and related to. Without a concept you don't have connection. An entity needs to establish itself as a concept that a person can understand in order to relate to the person. The concept provides common ground for the entity and person, because the entity also uses the concept to provide itself a context by which it can interact with a given person. And that's something that should be considered carefully. The benefit of using a concept is that it provides mediation both ways. The entity is meditated into a context that helps the person understand it, but the person is also mediated by the interaction with that concept, so that the entity can also relate to him/her.

I don't think its possible to connect with an entity without some kind of context provided to mediate that connection. There needs to be a medium that enables communication and the possibility of understanding that can come with communication. Without that medium, there is no connection, no way to really verify a contact. The context frames the interaction and provides a way to meaningfully interact with a given entity. Both parties benefit from the conceptualization of an entity into a form that makes sense to the person contacting the entity.

That's my opinion, but its based on my own experiences, as well as looking at the interaction with given act of invocation and evocation. It's also based off the realities of human interaction and limitations.

Magical Experiments classes coming up

Since I've started teaching the year long magical experiments class, I've really enjoyed the process of learning and teaching that has unfolded for all of us. At the same time I've realized that I want to teach shorter classes that are focused on specific subjects. Below is a list of classes I will be offering on different specific subjects. I'm also open to suggestions about classes people would like me to teach. A full list of classes can be found here. Below is information about two upcoming classes, one starting in March, and one starting in April. Creating Magical Entities Class

Starting Monday March 28th through Monday April 18th from 6 to 7pm (PST)

Sometimes you need a magical entity to do the job for you, especially if you’re too close to a situation. In this class I’ll teach you how to create a magical entity as well as help you determine why you should create one. You’ll also learn how magical entities can be programmed to perform specific tasks that allow you to free up your time and focus for other purposes.

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Pop Culture Magic Class

Magic is all around you in pop culture, if you just know where to look. In this class, I’ll show you how you can turn pop culture and modern technology into a magical toolset that you can use just as effectively as you would use any other magical practice. Pop culture magic is based off foundational principles that can be found in traditional practices of magic, with a focus on applying modern culture to your spiritual practices.

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I'll post an update once or twice a month on upcoming classes, and if there are ones you want, please contact me.

I'm really excited to be teaching classes again and I look forward to working with all of you.

The big challenge for internal work

The big challenge for internal work is that you have to do the work yourself. You can get some help in terms of getting advise from friends or going to a therapist to help you process what you're working on, but when it comes down to it, you've got to do the work on your own. No one else can do it for you. That's what I thought as I listened to a friend talk about some issues that she's currently facing. And I also thought about abandonment issues and the times I would tell somebody that I wasn't going away or that I was there for them. No matter how much I might tell a person I wasn't going away, it would never be enough. I could tell that person until I was blue in the face...but if s/he didn't fundamentally believe it on the internal landscape it wouldn't matter.

When you're dealing with an issue, demon, or whatever you want to call it, the solution is found in you and your willingness to face the issue. Other people can provide support, but no one else can provide resolution, because none of those people have the solution. With internal work the necessary focus is on the internal, and finding the solution within, but many times people will try to look outside of themselves for the solution to an internal issue.

In general, when dealing with internal issues I've found a number of methods that are helpful. Pathworking, where you create an internal space to work through issue is one method, while sitting with your issue finding out what the underlying need is, and fulfilling it is another method. For more extreme cases, utilizing the chod ritual can be also be a way to work through issues. What's most important however is that you have the motivation to do the necessary work and follow through on it.

Here's the latest episode of magical experiments radio. The subject is entity creation.