Re-creating the world through magical workings

Picture courtesy of Hanson Lu via unsplash

Picture courtesy of Hanson Lu via unsplash

I’m re-reading Music Power Harmony by R.J. Stewart and one of the points he makes in the book is that a magical working is essentially about re-creating the world. It’s a profound observation, because what it recognizes is that a magical working is designed to take us out of the everyday world and then provide us a way to re-create that world with the desired result we want to manifest.

Of course there’s more to it than just that…

Because what we’re also doing is rebuilding our connection to the world and the primal forces that move through us. When we do a magical working, we’re taking ourselves out of the everyday hustle, bustle, and flow of life and pausing everything, and then through the working we re-create the world and ourselves through the connections we makes with the spirits, forces, energy, or whatever else you want to call it. We renew ourselves, but also come back different, changed by the magical working and our choice to change our identity in the working.

Your identity is changed because what you bring back from that working is a difference placement in the world. You’ve paused the world, expressed your desired change and transformed who you are in relationship to that change. Who you are necessarily must change along with the result you desire, because if you stay in the status quo of your identity, you reject the desired change you want to manifest.

Change doesn’t just happen to the world around you, but also to the world within you: your identity.

Re-read the above statement.

When you rebuild your identity and the world as well, you’re bringing with you what you’ve used to enact that change. Let’s say you’ve chosen to work with a planetary energy. The change you want to manifest includes bringing that planetary energy with you back into the world, because it is now part of that changed reality. It is something you are incorporating into the new reality as a driver of that reality which ensures the manifestation of your result.

That’s the practical level and then there’s the spiritual level where you’re rebalancing the spiritual energies you’ve worked with in order to bring harmony to reality, a harmony that accepts your the changes you’ve created because built into that harmony are the very energies you’ve worked with. Fundamentally, you’re not just changing your identity, but also the identity of reality, writ large with what you’ve worked with.

But what about all the other people working magic? Aren’t they doing the same?

Relax. Reality is large enough to accommodate all of you. And really the question comes down to this: Are you actually willing to make the desired changes not just to reality, but yourself…

Because in my experience…that’s what magic requires of you and that’s the hardest change for people to make. But if you really want something, you necessarily need to recognize that the change you manifest is a change to the world at large, but also a change to the world of you and if there’s some part of you that can’t handle that change, you’ll find a way to reject it and stay in what I call the comfortable discomfort: the status quo of life where you know you’re uncomfortable, but you’re comfortable enough with it to keep going along with it and letting your life pass you by.

That’s where most people are at and why they can’t have nice things.

What about you?