Two cords, two colors

This is a poem I came up with at a workshop taught by Jaymi Elford on Tarot and Writing at Pantheacon. I dedicate it to Kat. Two cords, two colors, red for sex, white for understanding, Two hands, two tools, A wooden stick dipped in wine. A silver goblet holding life. The two hands strive for each other through their tools and will We meet in the bond of wine and blood, sex and understanding, in mutual bliss, in complete vulnerability giving ourselves over to the infinity of our souls that we see in the mirrors of our eyes. We look to each other for love and lust comfort and succor for the focus of magical energy and the realization of our goals.

Announcement of new book - Neuro-Space Time Magic

I'm at Pantheacon this weekend. On Friday I presented my talk on Space/Time magic and included some new material on identity and cultural analyses of space and time. It was very well received. Later today I'll be at the Immanion press author panel co-hosting it with Lupa. I want to announce that I have started writing my new book Neuro Space Time Magic. I'm just about finished with the first chapter. I'll be making periodical updates on here as I progress with it.

Latest space/time Tarot Experiment

At Pantheacon, I had the good fortune to barter one of my books for a very intriguing Tarot deck, the Elemental Hexagons Deck. Tonight I broke the deck in with a space/time tarot ritual working for a friend of mine. I used the voyager deck to create the magical circle and invoked the future version of my friend into my hands so that he could shuffle the deck. I asked him to provide me information and/or magical work to help him with a situation in his life. The reading itself was interesting, but I won't post details as it is confidential information. What I will note however is how tactile and intuitive using the elemental hexagon deck is. I was able to easily intuit a pattern that made perfect sense for the information, but what I really liked is how the cards fit together. You basically attach one hexagon to another. It really helps make the relationships very apparent and seamless.

I'll be experimenting more with this deck for space/time workings, especially with the spider goddess of time, in the near future, so expect further posts, and some pictures in the near future!

Pantheacon 2009

Tonight I received notice that my workshop on how to do elemental balancing work has been accepted for Pantheacon 2009. Pantheacon is a big pagan festival that occurs in February that occurs in California. If any of my readers happen to attend the event, please come up and say hello or feel free to come to the class (I'll post specific details when I know more). Also if you're curious about how the elemental balancing ritual works, and you've read some of my entries on this blog about it, that workshop will present an excellent opportunity to ask questions. Additionally, I and other fellow Immanion Press authors will be doing a panel about Immanion Press, where people are welcome to come and ask questions about our books, publishing, and other details. More details when I get them, but it should be a fun event.

The Wealth Altar

Recently, Manifesting Prosperity: Wealth Magic Anthology, which I edited was released. Vince Stevens, one of the contributors, and I, presented a workshop at Pantheacon about wealth magic based off the different articles we wrote for the anthology. The workshop went well and I got a lot of ideas off of it myself, which I've already put to good use. And in one case, my wealth altar, I got a good reminder of the need to tend that particular shrine. When I got from Pantheacon, I looked at my shrine and realized it needed some cleaning. I have my altar placed on top of a file cabinet that my wife and I use to keep track of our paperwork. The shrine was dusty, had paper all over it, and wasn't exactly a model of what wealth meant to me. Also one of the paintings I use for wealth work wasn't placed over the shrine, which is where it really needs to be.

So over this last half week I started cleaning up the wealth magic altar. I got all the papers cleared off the top of the file cabinet, got the painting put into it's proper place over the altar, and put appropriate ritual items on the altar, such as my checkbook. On Saturday my wife and I cleaned out the cabinet and went through all the paperwork, getting rid of what we didn't need and filing everything else in the apropriate places.

When all of that was finished, I did a ritual to honor the wealth entity I'd created. And I decided every Thursday would involve some kind of ritual to said entity to show it appreciation of the wealth we do have.

Not too surprisingly, after all this effort, the energy in our home felt cleaner. But I also noticed how much more easily aspects of wealth seemed to flow tomorrow me. It shows me, once again, just how important it is to make a consistent effort when it comes to certain types of manifestations. Making time to really acknowledge the wealth I have always seems to call out for more wealth to come.