How to get out of the Funk

I've been feeling a bit funky, a bit depressed lately. Nothing I can't handle, but sometimes circumstances will get you down, and of course, in the end you need to pick yourself up. I found my answer for getting out of the funk from a somewhat unlikely but rather useful source. I've been watching episodes of Ally McBeal on Netflix (It was a lawyer dramedy from 1997 to 2002). It's a quirky, funny show, for the most part, but there was something I found relevant for getting out of my funk. The main character Ally is told she needs a musical theme, something she can draw inspiration from when she's feeling unhappy. And you know...that's actually a useful idea to play with. She certainly did, dancing to it, singing it, etc. She used a song to set the tone of her emotions.

I've actually used music quite a bit, both for setting up the mood in magical rituals, but also for inspiring emotions. The right song, the right words, can do a lot to get you out of a funk or put you into a particular mood. So when I watched the show, it didn't surprise me, so much as it reminded me of how I can use music to get out of a funk. I think it's a kind of magic (pun intended).

Seriously, though, I have used music to to create specific moods and used that to charge sigils, or used it to create a persona for a situation. Music moves us, and so its wise to use it as a magical tool to move us to the spaces we want to embody in our lives.