The Possibility you feed is the reality you create

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my friends. She shared she was feeling anxious about the upcoming weekend where she would be doing a lot of vending and she pessimistically said she didn't think she'd sell a lot of product.

Now I'm no stranger to such pessimism, having some of it myself, so after she vented for a bit, I asked her if she was open to some feedback. She told me she was and I gently pointed out the following:

The possibility you feed is the reality you create

The beliefs we bring into a given situation influence that situation. In the case of my friend she'd already decided that her product wasn't going to sell much and so this was increasing her anxiety and setting up the result of her product not actually selling. Once she heard what I said, she acknowledged that she was setting up the reality she was describing. But she still had another problem, the anxiety itself.

Now we all have anxiety. I have it, you have it, and so does my friend.

So we talked about it a little further and I suggested a simple solution. Turn the anxiety into an ally.

Now you might be wondering how you can do that.

What I suggested to my friend was to create a sigil that described the ideal reality she wanted to manifest (lots of sales) and then use her anxiety as a fuel source for the sigil. That way anytime she started to feel anxious and started to worry, she could take those emotions and push them into the sigil and let them actually serve a useful purpose instead of one that was undermining her.

As magicians, we know that emotions our energy in motion. We just need to direct the energy the right way, in some manner that actually serves a purpose. In the case of my friend, she could acknowledge the feelings and then push them into the sigil and get them to help create a better reality. Afterall the possibility you is the reality you create, so why not feed the optimal possibility and create a better reality? You can do the same thing in your magical practice.

Stop feeding the pessimistic possibility. Create an optimal possibility. Create some type of magical working that leads to that optimal possibility and use your anxiety as a fuel source to manifest the better possibility into the reality you want. Add in appropriate mundane actions as needed to also help you get where you want.