The role of wealth magic in proactive life design

Part of my approach to proactive life design includes the integration of wealth magic into the creation of my life. If you’re going to plan your life proactively, I think wealth magic has to be part of that plan, because you need to look at how you’ll take care of yourself over the span of your life. Developing an approach to wealth magic necessarily also involves developing an understanding of wealth itself, so I’m going to take a moment and define wealth.

When I think of wealth, I approach it from a holistic perspective. Your wealth is partially derived from your financial well-being, but it is also comprised of your health, happiness and contentment, and your ability to attend to all of the above. As such a person’s wealth issues will never wholly be solved by money alone, though money will always a play a role in how a person sustains their wealth.

Having defined wealth, let’s take a moment to consider its relationship to proactive life design. I don’t think you can effectively manage wealth from a reactive perspective. Instead a proactive approach is called for where you carefully consider the role of wealth in your life and how you build that wealth, manage it and apply it to your life. Let me share a practical example.

Typically when a person wins the lottery, they usually react to that win and spend the money and ultimately end up being in the same place, if not worse, and the reason is that they haven’t given themselves to process having that much money in their lives. They haven’t come up with a plan, with what they’re going to do with that money and what they really haven’t done is wrapped their head around how having that money will change their lives.

In contrast, if you were to examine that money from a strategic perspective, you wouldn’t initially do anything with it. Instead you’d just think about it and wrap your head around having that much more money and what it would mean for your life. The benefit of taking that time is that it would allow you to emotionally, mentally, and physically prepare yourself for the changes to your life. At that point you could then begin to come up with proactive plans for how you could best apply that money to your life.

So where does the actual magic come into play?

It comes into play through the life design you work do. You determine where best to apply magical as a tactical tool that will help you achieve your overall strategy. For example, if your proactive life design includes a career then look at how you’ll apply magic to your career. Will you create a career entity to help you advance your career and provide opportunities for you to get in front of the influencers you want to connect with? Or maybe you’ll do some practical office magic to help you improve your skills, while also creating an ideal office environment that supports what you’re doing?

The key thing to recognize is that we aren’t just doing magic as a reaction, but instead proactively building it into the design of our lives, by asking ourselves how best to apply it to our situation, to give us the optimal outcome. It means taking time to really wrap our perspective around how best to employ magic in our lives.

That sounds good in theory, but it isn’t always easy to implement the theory, especially when we have situations that come up in our lives that call for a response on our part. The best laid plans can be derailed, and we can find ourselves in a situation where things have spiraled out of control. Life, afterall, is just one disaster away from being fucked.

So recognize that fact and try to anticipate it in your plans, but also accept one other principle of proactive life design: Adapt and adjust. Adapt to the situation and adjust your expectations and actions. Turn every situation into a plan so that when the inevitable situation comes along that derails your current plan, you have something to fall back on, and a way to resolve whatever situation you’re in, so you can get your life back on track.

If you approach your life with a plan, and backup plans for the situations you may encounter, then you recognize magic is part of your toolbox for executing those plans and adapting to whatever situations come your way…and your employ it accordingly. That’s the role of wealth magic in your life design.